discussion groups

facilitating E&I eduction

Education is an important component of building a more inclusive astronomical community. To educate scientists about diversity, equity, and iinclusion I facilitate department-wide discussion groups that work on these issues, including one at AIP and one at my former institution, OSU.

These groups are loosely styled around journal clubs, because there is a wealth of research on discrimination and on inclusive practice. However, some people have their own research or lived experience of marginalization to share, and those contributions are especially encouraged. At their best, these discussion group spur action on large and small scales both within research groups and departments as well as the field and world at large.

Looking to start something similar? Take a look at some introductory slides I presented at a meeting of the AIP group in 2018. For more resources, also check out Mallory Molina’s Towards a More Inclusive Astronomy page - she has guidelines and resources for starting your own group.