sarah jane schmidt

Ex-astronomer creating data-driven solutions to problems on Earth.

I spent 15 years in academia researching the smallest stars and why their magnetic fields are so strong. I extracted, analyzed, and visualized multi-dimensional and time-series data to answer my research questions, then communicated my results in seminars and scientific publications. I also mentored a handful of students through their first large, self-led projects and loved helping these brilliant students grow into competent, independent researchers.

Alongside my research, I also worked on projects related to diversity and inclusion in Astronomy. Often my goal was to do the work of bringing the basic ideas of equity and social justice within our field to astronomers who had not yet encountered these concepts. As my time in astronomy grew to a close, I moved on to feminist activism in Berlin rather than focusing on my field.

Currently, I’m working as a data scientist at a startup here in Berlin. My move from science to tech has been a lot of work, but it’s also exciting to learn new skills and processes. Like me, this website is in a transition, including some academic-focused material but slowly shifting to focus on tech.

I also like ice cream.