sarah jane schmidt

ex-astronomer creating data-driven solutions to problems on Earth


Hello! I’m an astronomer by training, and I spent over a decade researching the smallest stars and why their magnetic fields are so strong. Stars are awesome, but I burned out on academia. Currently I’m using my skills in data and infrared spectroscopy as a data scientist at Grandperspective in Berlin.

I started this site as an academic, so it has descriptions of my old projects and publications. I do occasionally poke at my blog, writing about mental health, autism, career transitions, data science, and anything else that lends itself to blog format. If you’ve found me because you’re going through a career transition, you might be particularly interested in related blog posts, slides from a short presentation I did, or how I describe my academic experience on my old CVs.

Outside of work I can be found playing board and video games, baking, bike camping, playing volleyball, rotating through various art-ish hobbies, and singing in the Berlin SHE Choir.